Friday, July 20, 2018

National Craft For Your Shelter Day

July 21st is National Craft For Your Shelter Day! 

The daily routine of our shelter animals can be very boring and enrichment items help keep them occupied and happier. Many items are very inexpensive to make, with things you already have at home! 

Collecting corks? Drill a hole through, pull a string through and you have a cat toy. Cardboard shapes, pipe cleaners or feathers with strings attached also make great cat toys. Dogs love toilet paper pinatas (toilet paper rolls stuffed with dry food or treats, then the ends folded in). Or make toys from old socks or t-shirts--the internet gives endless ideas! Below are a few links to get you started. 

For dogs:

For cats:

For dogs and cats:

Friday, March 23, 2018

Upcoming Events!

Pawrabian Nights
Join us for a magical night of wine tasting (other drinks available), food, live and silent auctions and lots of fun! Tickets are $25 each and include 10 courses of wine, beer, cocktail, water, and food. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and all proceeds benefit the shelter! Get your tickets here:


Wingnuts Benefit Concert--Big & Rich
Wichita Wingnuts are hosting their 3rd benefit concert on June 16th--this year, Big & Rich will be the headliner! Tickets are $40 each and $20 of each ticket sale will benefit CCHS if you use this direct link (CCHS promo code will already be applied if ordering through this link). A great way to enjoy music and helping the shelter!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Tiny Dog, Big Purpose

At only seven months old, the little black Chihuahua mix found herself homeless and at the shelter--her family was moving and couldn't take her with them. Little did she know she was to meet the love of her life just a few days later.
Andrea Elstun came to the shelter in September 2016; she had heard about our free adoption special and was looking at the small dogs when Raven caught her eye.The little dog spotted Andrea, came to the front of the kennel, stood on her hind legs and let out a bark as if to tell Andrea to take her home. When the shelter staff took Raven out of the kennel for a personal visit, she jumped into Andrea's arms and gave her kisses--it was love at first sight!
Raven had not been spayed yet and had to remain at the shelter for another two days, which seemed like an eternity to Andrea. Finally, Raven was able to go where she belonged--home!

Fast forward a month--Raven developed a knack for picking things up from the floor and giving them to Andrea, without having received any training. The family then moved to Pittsburgh, KS and Andrea found a service dog trainer, thinking Raven had the makings of a service dog. She was right! The little dog was trained in six weeks and received her service dog certification in four months.

Andrea can't bend down and Raven makes her life so much easier. From household chores to shopping, the pint-sized pup does it all! Raven brings things like shoes and keys to Andrea and even has learned to jump on a chair with items so Andrea doesn't have to bend down to pick them up. Raven comes along to the store, rides in the shopping cart and hands items to Andrea for check-out. She can even get packaged foods from the bottom shelf.

That is not all! Raven keeps Andrea from panicking in crowds by licking and nuzzling her. She alerts her to seizures by pawing and barking, giving Andrea enough time to take her medicine and go to a safe place in case the medicine doesn't kick in on time.
Raven is also a great help to Andrea's son, who is autistic. She keeps him calm and always knows where to find him.
Who's to say little dogs can't have big jobs? This little dog's love for her family is as big as her job and her family loves her right back. Andrea says she is the greatest dog ever and she would be lost without Raven. This former homeless dog not only found a loving home, she has also found her purpose.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Valentail's Cookies & Hearts For Shelter Animals

Valentail's Package:

Heart-shaped foil balloon, 1/2 dozen cookies, and a thank-you note from a shelter animal.
                                         Cookie Choices:


These delicious melt in your mouth Valentine’s M&M cookies are sure to be the perfect “Valentail’s Day” gift for anyone! We start with our secret batter and load it with festive colored red, pink, and white M&M’s and then bake it to “Pawfection”. These cookies are soft, chewy, and AMAZING!

            Red Velvet & White Chocolate
Taking an old favorite and turning it into a cookie…GENIUS! We start with our red velvet batter and add white chocolate morsels that take this cookie to the next level. These irresistibly soft and chewy red velvet cookies jam-packed with white chocolate morsels are “Pawsome!”

     Death By Chocolate
The name says it all…We start with our delicious fudge cookie batter and add three different types of chocolate morsels – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate - to our already divine batter.  The chocolate lover in your life will be forever grateful for this gift!

Vegan Chocolate Chip

Coconut oil, molasses, cinnamon and semi-sweet chocolate chips—that’s what makes this vegan and organic chocolate chip cookie so delicious and flavorful! Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside--you can’t go wrong with this classic!

Doggie Love Package or Shelter Dog Package

If your Valentine has a wagging tail, we have you covered! Your dog will love the 8 oz of peanut butter treats, made just from flour, coconut oil, and all natural peanut butter, and the plush Valentine's toy!

Or be a shelter dog's Valentine by providing a Doggie Love Package to one of our shelter residents. Tail wag guaranteed!

A Tale of Two Kitties

What do a Big Mac, a McFlurry and a Small Fry have in common? All three were found at McDonald's and are kittens! 

At only six weeks old, infested with fleas and showing signs of upper respiratory infection, the three 
siblings found themselves abandoned at the Winfield fast food restaurant last October. Lucky for them, a caring citizen called animal control and the kittens were brought to CCHS, where they were treated, vetted and transferred to a foster home until they were ready for adoption. 

Meanwhile, almost 2.5 hours away in Pratt, KS, Susan and Randy Teske decided it was time to adopt a new family member after one of their resident cats passed away at the age of 15. 

Small Fry/Amelia
The family is originally from Wellington and when word got out that they were looking for a kitten, a Winfield friend posted the CCHS January adoption special flyer onto Susan's Facebook wall. It's been a long time since the family had kittens, but Susan, a teacher, was home for the holidays and the time for adoption just right! The Teskes are no strangers to rescue; all of their cats have come from humane societies or were strays and the family supports shelters and helps with transports whenever they can. 

Susan started looking at the CCHS cats, found McFlurry and Small Fry and contacted the kittens' foster mom for more information. Big Mac was already spoken for and since the two girls were a bonded pair, the Teske family decided to make the trip to Winfield and bring them both back home! 

Re-named Callie and Amelia, the two kittens adapted quickly to their new home which they share with a senior cat and dogs. They immediately started their new jobs as companions, entertainers and lap warmers and are bringing much joy to the Teske household. And so ends the tale of two kitties in the best possible way!

Randy Teske with Callie and Amelia

Monday, November 6, 2017

A Long Time In The Making

If animals could collect miles for their shelter stays, Dyno would have qualified as a frequent flyer. 

At not even two years old, this beautiful red-bone coonhound boy stayed with us three times--the first time in April of 2016 as a stray. 

Dyno's adoption website photo
 Dyno quickly found a home, but was returned to the shelter not even a month later, because the landlord of his new family wouldn't allow him to stay. Fortunately, Dyno didn't have to wait long before being adopted. We didn't see him again for almost a year--he was returned in April 2017, because is family was moving. This time, however, nobody was interested in adopting Dyno.

May came and went without a new home in sight. Friendly and housetrained Dyno was featured as Pet of the Week several times, but many more months passed by and he was still at the shelter. 
Dyno with James at the shelter

On the way home
Finally, in September, Dyno's luck took a turn when the Sullivant family came to the shelter to visit. James, the son of the family, has Asperger's Syndrome and used to be terrified of dogs, but overcame that fear. He is also bothered by loud noises, but braved the cacophony of barking dogs and walked into the kennel area where he saw Dyno and fell in love with him. There was an instant connection between the two--Dyno didn't get up from his bed until James came in. When James saw that Dyno was afraid of thunder, he said they were perfect for each other! 

The dog that nobody had wanted for so long was just waiting for the right family to come and take him home! 

Dyno walked right into the Sullivant's lives as if he'd always belonged there, bringing even more love into their home. He senses when one of the family members is having a bad day and is there to comfort them. James, in turn, comforts Dyno during thunderstorms and fireworks. Dyno is a playmate, companion, alarm clock, greeter and even comedian, but best of all he is at home with a family who loves him!

Some things are just meant to be. 

James, Jadyn and Dyno at home

Jadyn and Dyno