Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rescue Waggin' 12/09/2014

Eleven dogs got to go on a ride: six adults and five cute puppies. They went to Paducah, KY to spend the night at a shelter. They are going on to Michigan, where they are usually adopted within a week of arrival. It is so rewarding to help with walking an loading the dogs, even if it's at 4:30 a.m.!

The crew: Alice Shaffer, Albert Martinez, Kathy Wohlgemuth, Jessi Leeper, Lori Land, Teresa Harden, driver Rodney

Kathy and Suzie

Albert and Joco

Kathy and Jacob

Lori and Simone

Alice and Newt

Jessi and Docker

Monday, December 8, 2014

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Any animal lovers in your lives who already have everything? Don't know what to get them? We have a few suggestions!

- CCHS Shirts
We have hoodies, long-sleeved t-shirts, short-sleeved t-shirts and tank tops for a great price! Hoodies are $20, long ts $15, short ts and tank tops $10. Message us on Facebook or email us with the color you want and we'll order it. Many colors available--not just the ones pictured!

- Memorial Brick
If you would like something that lasts, consider a memorial brick for our memorial walk in front of the shelter. You can honor that special person or animal in your life. 
Red bricks with engraved name or message are $60 each, gold bricks $500.

- The Gift of Life
This gift is invaluable to the shelter animals, but only costs you $20. Buy an annual membership and help us save many lives and provide service for the 3,000 animals who come through our door every year. Receive a member magnet as a small token of our appreciation! Please click here to buy a membership or ask us at the shelter. 

It's All About Hope!

Hope is wearing a t-shirt to protect her skin
Something bad had happened to the jet-black dog with the soft brown eyes. She was brought to the shelter by the Ark City Police Service Officer in October; her hair matted and full of stickers. The condition of her fur wasn't the worst of her problems though; the Labrador retriever mix also suffered from road rash and a broken hind leg. The dog had been hit by a car and needed help!

Shelter staff immediately took the dog in and named her Hope--hope is what they had for her. Hope was examined by Dr. Grimes, who was filling in at the shelter clinic while shelter vet Dr. Gatton was on vacation. Dr. Grimes determined that the broken leg had to be amputated. The surgery was successful, and Hope went home with staff member Amy Kopfer to recuperate and be fostered. 

The leg healed well, but after a few days at Amy's house, large patches of skin started coming off of Hope's side and leg. Alarmed, Amy took Hope to Dr. Grimes, who consulted with Dr. Swaim, a retired veterinary wound specialist living in Cowley County. Dr. Swaim thought the skin was dying, because Hope might have been burned by a muffler or dragged during the accident. The only solution was removing the dead skin, so new skin could grow, and both doctors went to work.  

Dr. Swaim, Judy, Hope, and Dr. Grimes at Dr. Grimes' clinic

Judy and Melvin Thomas had just lost their dog and were still mourning. When Dr. Grimes told Judy about Hope and that she needed a home, Judy replied that they weren't ready yet for a new companion. She did agree to visit Hope, just to prove her point. One look into Hope's soulful eyes was all it took for Judy to change her mind. This dog wasn't going anywhere but home with her! Judy's husband Melvin, an amputee himself, was only too thrilled to welcome the three-legged dog into their family. The Thomas' signed up for the Foster to Adopt Program, and Hope is now being loved and cared for at their home, until she is fully rehabilitated and ready for adoption. 

Judy and Melvin Thomas with Hope

Hope's skin is growing back, she's getting around well on three legs, and best of all, she has a new furever family who loves her dearly just the way she is. This family will look forward with Hope!

New skin is growing back; Hope is healing well!

Hope's life was saved due to the collaboration between the PSO, shelter staff, Drs. Grimes and Swaim, the Thomas', and you--our donors. A huge thank you to all of you!