Saturday, July 2, 2016

Little Orphan Annie

Annie at the shelter

On a hot summer day last July Annie, a sweet-tempered Treeing Walker Coonhound, was found running stray in the country. She was exhausted, underweight, hungry, thirsty, and seemed to have some minor injuries. She was brought to the CCHS for care. She had fly strike to both ears, a wound on her cheek that was flayed open and swollen, hair loss on both back legs, what appeared to be a BB stuck in her side, enlarged lymph nodes in her neck, and a corneal ulcer in one eye. She was a pitiful sight. But her disposition was sweet and gentle and she immediately captured our hearts. She was treated for her multitude of afflictions, given lots of food, rest, and a warm, safe place to recover.

Soon Annie was healing well and ready to find her furever home. Three months later a family was taken with her gentle nature and adopted her. However, she didn’t work out for them and they returned her. This happens from time to time. Not every dog is right for every family!

The search for a home for Annie began again. Annie had a four month stay at the shelter this time until Holly DeVos met her at an off site adoption event in Wichita. Annie quickly charmed Holly and her medical history touched Holly’s heart. Holly has other hounds so is familiar with the breed and their requirements. Holly decided to give Annie a furever family and brought her home to live on her 20 acres with six other dogs, four of them hounds, three house cats, two barn cats, thirteen horses, and assorted guinea hens! Annie was a very happy girl. 

Annie in her chair
Annie and her water dish

Holly says, “She sure does soak up affection and every day after breakfast or dinner she comes and stands next to me while the other dogs are finishing their food. I sit on a milking stool while she rests her head on my thigh and gets lots of love and scratches. She loves that special time.” 

Annie has a funny habit of standing in the water dish while she drinks and buries her whole muzzle in the water. She spends her days dozing on the porch until she rallies to run with the other dogs or chase a squirrel. She sleeps in "her" chair by Holly's bed each night. 

We’re thrilled that Annie has found such a happy, loving home. It didn’t happen quickly but, sometimes, it just takes a little patience waiting for the perfect match to come along. Annie has found hers.

Bark In The Park

CCHS was invited to be present at the Wichita Wingnuts game on June 5th. We had booths, contests, adoptable dogs and a lot of fun! Visitors were encouraged to bring their dogs to the game and many did! Thank you to everyone who came and to the Wichita Wingnuts for having us! Many of the visitors donated supplies and our Doggie Boutique took in $130!

All set up

Bobbing for hotdogs

More bobbing for hotdogs

Brynn, on of our adoptable dogs, enjoying the game

Volunteers with adoptable shelter dogs

Board member Tiffany Smith with her dog Hella, who was recruited for the first pitch

Olivia and Eugenia Moffit with their dog Dakota, who won the "furthest traveled dog contest"

Bark In The Park visitors