Sunday, September 14, 2014

Twelve Animals Found New Homes!

This weekend was a very busy one for our volunteer coordinator Dovie Browning and her volunteers! There were adoption events at PetSmart in Wichita and Petsense in Ponca City to attend and the organizer of Burden Days invited us to participate with a booth and walk adoptable animals in the parade.

We are so happy to report that during these events, 2 cats and 10 dogs found new families! Today, at Petsense, the adoption crew returned to the shelter without any animals--what a great success!

Remember River, the special needs pit girl whom we were looking for a home for? She found a new dad today in Ponca City! Tom visited with River at the event yesterday, because he was looking for a dog he could keep up with. He went home without her, but River was in his thoughts all night. He was so worried about her not finding a home, that he returned today to make sure she got that home today--River went home with Tom and his wife. 

Another adoption was Bella, a senior Pekingese mix. Bella was longing for a place to spend her golden years, preferably in a lap. She found that lap today! The cute little dog with the overbite went home and will be a great companion for her new mom!

Photo: Bella has found her new furever home and I think it is a perfect match!!! Thank you so much!!!!

More pictures from the adoption events:


Photo: Last but not least, Diamond got her new furever home!!! Thank you so much for giving her a new home!!

Photo: Ferrari got his new furever home today!! He is such a wonderful dog and I sure hope it is a perfect match!! Thank you for giving him a new home!!!


Photo: Emerald has found her new furever home!! She will get to spend her days at home with her new owner!!! Thank you!!


Photo: Peanut has found his new furever home!! We are very excited for him and thank you very much!!!


Photo: WooHoo, Seth has found his new furever home on 8 acres!! Thank you so much for giving him a chance!!!


Photo: Samantha has found her new furever home today at Petsense in Ponca City!! Thank you for having us!!!


Photo: Kirby has found his new furever home!!! Thank you so much!!!!


Photo: Buckshot got his new furever home today!!! He looks very happy and we look forward to the new stories of his new life!!! Thank you very much for giving him a chance!!!


Photo: Today Polly got a new home!! She will be joining her new sister Chloe!! Thank you for adopting Polly today!!!

Update on Simone

Simone has completed her heartworm treatment and is recuperating for the next 6 weeks. She is being fostered at the Winfield Correctional Facility and will stay there until she's cleared for adoption by our vet. Simone has been a real trooper! A HUGE thank you to Shannon, Karl & Dotti and Lois for contributing $160 toward her care! Simone's treatment has cost over $250; all donations are greatly appreciated!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Simone--A Dog Wants to Live!

Simone, the blue heeler mix, came to the shelter as a stray in April. She didn't come alone--with her came her five puppies, barely two months old. Simone was a great mom, taking excellent care of her babies. She also had plenty of love left over for the humans at CCHS, who came to her rescue. No-one would suspect that this young, sweet, and beautiful mother carried a silent killer inside of her which could cut her life short--heartworms! Unfortunately, Simone tested positive for this potentially fatal disease. 

In order to give Simone the best environment possible to raise her puppies, she and her babies were moved to the Winfield Correctional Facility, where they received foster care. When the time came for adoption, some of the puppies found homes locally, others left on PetSmart's Rescue Waggin' to be transported to a shelter out of state, where they were quickly adopted. 

Left behind was Simone. Being as sweet as she is, she had no problem passing the necessary behavior assessment test, but because of the heartworms, Simone couldn't go on the Rescue Waggin' and had to watch her puppies leave without her. 

Simone steals the heart of everyone she encounters. She is only two years old, and this sweet girl has so much love to give that this can't be the end of the road for her! After all, it isn't Simone's fault that she didn't receive a monthly heartworm preventative from her previous owner. She just wants to live! Shelter staff decided to help Simone fight for her life and started treatment. Heartworm disease is treatable, but the process is expensive and complex. 

Simone has responded very well to the medication she has received so far, but she still needs ongoing treatment and care, which costs money. Can you help save this sweet and loving dog?

If you would like to give Simone, and other dogs like her, a new leash on life, please consider making a contribution to the shelter in her name. No amount is too small! All designated donations will go to Simone's treatment. 

Any funds left over after her treatment is complete will go towards the treatment of other heartworm-positive dogs. You can also donate online through our Facebook page ("donate now" button--please put "Simone" in the "Tell us how you feel" box at check-out) or through our website
(please put "Simone" in the "Tell us how you feel" box at check-out). 

Simone and CCHS thank you!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

River-This Girl Needs a Home!

River is different-she was born with a deformed leg. She may not be perfect on the outside, but she has a loving personality and a huge heart! Only about 1 year old, she has been at the shelter twice, because she didn't get along with other pets. She does tolerate other animals, if they are not overly pushy or energetic. She can't play like other dogs and becomes overwhelmed if she is "pestered" by them. River would do well as a single dog where she can focus all of her love on her humans, or in a household with calm dogs. This beautiful girl deserves a home where she receives just as much love as she gives. Will your home be that place? You will forever be in her heart!
If you are interested in River, you can visit her during shelter hours or call or message us to make an appointment. 620-221-1698. River's adoption fee is negotiable!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Is your dog a party animal? Join us for the only event in Cowley County which celebrates pets and their humans!

Entry form for 1-Mile Fun Walk. The deadline is Sep 10th, if you want a t-shirt guaranteed. You can register up until the day of the race for $10, and we will have t-shirts available for $5, but we can't guarantee we'll have one in your size. We'll carry several different colors with the Petpalooza logo. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Members Needed

What do these four animals have in common?

Sweetie was abandoned and found by a caring family. He came to CCHS matted and skinny, with sores all over his body. He was nursed back to health at CCHS.

 Engine, the kitten, was shot with a BB gun and then got stuck in an engine. He was saved and brought to CCHS, where he too was cared for. 

Ward was found severely injured and skinny, limping along a country road. He was in desperate need of help. CCHS took him in and gave him the care he needed. 

Zeus showed up on a doorstep with a horrible case of mange. The staff at CCHS was able to help him heal.

These are just a few examples of many! All four animals were adopted after they recovered. 

Caring for animals like Sweetie, Engine, Ward, and Zeus requires resources. You can make a difference in many animals' lives! How? Consider becoming a member.Your $20 annual membership fee truly saves lives! Please go to  and click on the "membership" tab for more information on how to become a member. Thousands of animals rely on supporters like you!

.As a small thank you, you'll receive this CCHS membership magnet to show your support and help spread the word. $20 can't buy much these days, but it can help save lives!

Get Your CCHS T-Shirt!

CCHS just received a new shipment of t-shirts! We have several different colors of short-sleeved shirts available and for the first time ever--tank tops! Tanks are available in charcoal and black (pictured in middle front of photo). We carry sizes S-XL, but other colors, styles (long-sleeved/fitted tanks/hoodies), and sizes can be ordered. New order goes in soon, so please message us on Facebook or send an email to if you wish to order!

Short-sleeved shirts and tank tops are $10, long-sleeved shirts $15 and hoodies $20. Can't beat that price!